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Urogynecology Center in Perrysburg, OH

Put your health first when you schedule an appointment at Northwest Ohio Center for Urogynecology. Since 2004, our urogynecology center in Perrysburg, Ohio, has treated the needs of women throughout the region. We provide the leading standard of care for every patient who walks through our doors. When you visit us for women’s health services, you can trust that we put your needs first. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Women’s Health Services: Personal & Private

Visiting a gynecologic surgeon can be scary and stressful for any woman to deal with. Our medical focus involves the most personal, private, and complicated part of a woman’s body, and we understand the concern that our patients face. The conditions that we treat do not always fit tidy physical or social expectations. Delicate care is required, and we work hard to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your visit.

When you have questions about your treatment, you can count on the staff at our urogynecology center to take care of you. Our physicians are easy to talk to, and we utilize the latest training and technology to deliver women’s health services to every patient.